Career and Technical Education Program Administration

Career and Technical Education Contacts

Director of Office of College and Career Success: Paula Palmer 651-582-8737

Interim Supervisor: Michelle Kamenov 651-582-8434

CTE Content Areas:

Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources: Joel Larsen 651-582-8395
Business/Marketing/Information Technology: Jean Kyle 651-582-8514
• Career Development, Work Based Learning and Transition Plan: Al Hauge 651-582-8409
Family and Consumer Science: Michelle Kamenov 651-582-8434
Health Science Technology/Human Services/Service Occupations: Michael Mitchell 651-582-8513
Trades/Industry and Technology: John Rapheal 651-582-8682

CTE Communication/Marketing: Jean Kyle 651-582-8514

CTE Revenue: Joel Larsen 651-582-8395 and Anne Danielson 651-582-8333

Equipment Approvals: John Rapheal 651-582-8682

Non-Traditional Technical Support: Al Hauge 651-582-8409

Professional Development: Jean Kyle 651-582-8514

Program Approvals: Debra Blahosky 651-582-8334

Programs of Study and Technical Skill Attainment: Michael Mitchell 651-582-8513

Results Measurement Specialist: To be determined- interim Michelle Kamenov 651-582-8434

Transition Disabled: Al Hauge 651-582-8409

World’s Best Work Force: Paula Palmer 651-582-8737

Updated: July 2014