School Support


Response Required by December 16, 2013

To: Superintendent of Schools

From: Tom Melcher, Director, Division of Program Finance

Date: October 25, 2013

Subject: Facilities Age and Square Footage Report (ED-2051-13)

Charter schools and cooperatives are not required to complete this report.

School districts are required to annually review the district’s inventory of buildings and the vital information pertaining to each building.

The information reported to the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) is used in calculating the operating capital portion of general education revenue under Minnesota Statutes, section 126C.10, in calculating a portion of health and safety revenue under Minnesota Statutes, section123B.57, in calculating the deferred maintenance revenue under Minnesota Statutes, section 123B.591 for qualifying districts, and other miscellaneous uses such as review and comment.

The 2014 Age and Square Footage Report also plays an important role in the February State Forecast, as the data provided by the district is used to establish appropriations required to fund state aid for operating capital, health and safety, and deferred maintenance. For this reason, districts are requested to submit any changes or corrections to this report no later than December16, 2013.

Currently, you can access the inventory of buildings on the agency’s main website by selecting the “School Support” header tab, “Data Submissions” from the drop down menu, then scrolling down to the Facilities Age and Square Footage Report.

All reporting for buildings owned or being acquired by the district shall be completed on the MDE website no later than December 16, 2013. Access the system using the same four digit district number and password as used for the Health and Safety website. Districts may adjust ages and square footage (without commas) as necessary, and answer questions regarding mechanical ventilation and other district specific information. It is very important to verify data accuracy by checking the reviewed box towards the top of each individual building record whether there are changes or not.

New buildings occupied as of January 1, 2014 that are not included on the inventory need to be added. Buildings no longer owned by the district need to be deleted and building with change of usage need to be revised. The website does not have capacity to add or delete buildings, so you must contact Karen Dykoski at to report current building information that is not included on the district’s building inventory.

Please note at the bottom of the building summary list is a space to input the total square footage for district-wide administration. This is not required for the 2013 report, but you may update if you choose. In addition, the “Update, Show Projects” button for each individual building is not required to be reported. This facility project list is not currently utilized at MDE; however, districts are encouraged to use this feature for internal facilities maintenance planning.

If you have questions or require additional information, please contact Karen Dykoski at 651-582-8766, or by e-mail at

Technical note: If you have difficulty entering years or amounts, position the cursor in the left side of the field and omit extra spacing using the DELETE key. Do not use commas with numerical entries.