School and Community Connections
Many schools and communities have realized in recent years the advantages of partnering together to support students and strengthen communities. These partnerships and connections have led to innovations that have positively impacted student achievement, improved the quality of education, and benefited communities. As schools and community entities have faced shrinking resources in challenging economic times, the resources, skills and human investment from communities have helped sustain programs and strengthen new initiatives.

The world continues to change rapidly, and what worked in the past will likely not work for the future. Looking ahead, we need new ways of getting the work done.

The power of partnerships among community businesses, colleges/universities and non-profits is incredible. Their efforts often parallel each other; it makes sense to work together. Schools, districts, and communities in collaboration have been able to introduce innovations to enhance learning, improve school climate, develop tutoring and mentorship programs, and strengthen families and neighborhoods.

Collaboration gives youth and families the resources, information, strategies, and services that schools alone are unable to provide. Effective, purposeful partnerships between schools and community leaders can help reach target groups that may be difficult for schools to adequately serve alone.