Item Samplers
Item Samplers are provided to help teachers and students become familiar with the format and type of content included in the accountability assessments. Item Samplers contain fewer items than an actual full-length test and are aligned to the Minnesota Academic Standards. They are not suitable for predicting how students will perform on the accountability assessments.

Most paper and online Item Samplers, along with other resources for teachers and parents, can be found on the American Institutes for Research (AIR) website, called the Minnesota Assessments Portal. Item Samplers now available on the Minnesota Assessments Portal include:

•  Mathematics MCA and MCA-Modified paper and online Item Samplers
•  MTAS and MCA-Modified paper Item Samplers
•  Reading and Mathematics GRAD online Item Samplers
•  Reading MCA Field Test practice items
•  Reading MCA paper Item Samplers
•  Science MCA online Item Samplers
•  Written Composition GRAD paper Item Sampler

Go to the Minnesota Assessments Portal for more information on Item Samplers.