Standards and Benchmarks
Academic content standards serve as the foundation for state and district education systems. Standards communicate to teachers, parents, and students the knowledge and skills that children are expected to master in each grade and subject. Leadership and Implementation teams will need to explore and establish a scope of what it means to implement the standards.

Minnesota has created a document that traces the journey from adopting the standards at a local level through development of learning targets, assessments, curriculum design, unit and lesson development, to interventions. Read Mapping the Journey from Standards to Lessons under MDE Supports.

The Minnesota English Language Arts (ELA) Standards have galvanized districts and schools to provide opportunities for and to address the needs of all students to engage with academic learning and academic language, including English learners, students with disabilities, students with an “opportunity gap,” and others.

The Toolkit contains links to the Minnesota ELA Standards, English Language Development Standards, and College- and Career-Readiness Standards, as well as resources and tools for working with these student populations. Read explanations about these standards, how they were constructed, how they overlap, and their differences from previous Minnesota standards.