Accessible Instructional Materials

Obtaining Files from the NIMAC

Files are in the National Instructional Materials Access Center (NIMAC) because a district has directed a publisher to submit a specially formatted file to the NIMAC when the district purchased print instructional materials from the publisher.

These files can be converted to accessible formats (braille, large print, digital or audio files) for a specific student, when the Individual Education Program (IEP) team determines that the student has a print disability and requires curricular materials be made available in one of more accessible formats.


1. All orders for print instructional materials ordered by a district include instructions to the publisher to submit a National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS) compliant file to the NIMAC as part of the purchasing agreement.

2. IEP teams determine that a student has a print disability and requires accessible instructional materials.

3. IEP team determines which format or formats the student requires.

4. Digital right manager determines that the file is in the NIMAC. This is done by entering the NIMAC and using the search command to see if the file is available. It is recommended that you search by ISBN number.

5. If the file is not in the NIMAC, the district will need to work with the publisher to assign a file to the NIMAC. This may require a new purchase of the text material.

6. IEP team contacts appropriate authorized user so that files can be assigned to an accessible media producer. Authorized users (AUs) for Minnesota are:

a. Joan Breslin Larson, Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) -

b. Kursten Dubbels, MDE -

c. Donna Marhoun, Communications Center, State Services for the Blind -

d. Bookshare.

e. Learning Ally.

7. The AUs from MDE can assign files to an accessible media producer (AMP) who can convert the file to an appropriate, student-ready format. The AUs at Bookshare, Communication Center and Learning Ally are also AMPs who can provide the file in the student-ready format.

8. Digital rights manager at the local district obtains the student-ready material from the AMP.

For more information, contact Joan Breslin Larson, 651-582-1599