Professional Development

High-quality professional development is designed to improve the quality of classroom instruction; enable individuals to grow professionally; introduce practitioners to the practical applications of research-based strategies; and help teachers implement new technology and teaching strategies aligned with Minnesota's academic standards.

Support to districts and schools can be provided through a regional delivery system, customized technical assistance, or various means of technology. The Minnesota Department of Education hosts and supports a wide variety of professional development workshops, conference training sessions each year.

Opportunities to Serve!
Apply now to become a 2013-2014 U.S. Department of Education Teaching Ambassador Fellow. Created in 2008, the Teaching Ambassador Fellowship supports the U.S. Department of Education’s mission to employ a diverse cadre of teachers to share department information and resources with other educators across the country, and contribute their classroom expertise to the national dialogue. Deadline for applications is January 29, 2013. Selection process occurs over the spring and new fellows begin by August 2013. Visit EDGov to learn more.

Minnesota Statutes – Professional Development
The fundamental purpose of staff development is to improve student learning. The intent of Minnesota Statutes, section 122A.60, is that schools and districts implement a site-based process for both educational goals and staff development opportunities that will best help meet these goals. 

Providing teachers and other school district staff with individual and professional organizational growth and development opportunities prepares them to provide excellent educational experiences for students, and ultimately helps achieve the fundamental purpose of improving student learning. Revenue requirements for staff development are defined in Minnesota Statutes, section 122A.61.