Train to Become a Teacher in Minnesota

Troops to Teachers Program

The goal of the Troops to Teachers Program (TTT) is to attract qualified military personnel to enter teaching as a second career. Information about applying is available from the Proud to Serve Again website. This national organization manages the program; you do not need to contact the Minnesota Department of Education for this program.

Financial assistance may be provided to eligible military personnel as stipends to help pay for teacher training costs or as bonuses. In order to meet a key goal of the program, participants who accept the stipend or bonus must agree to teach for three years in schools that serve a high number of students from low-income families, once they are licensed.

The Troops to Teachers Program (TTT) provides positive role models for our public school students; information, financial assistance, counseling and employment referral through a network of state and regional offices. These offices help match school district openings with competent and experienced TTT applicants. Visit the Proud to Serve Again website to learn more and apply.