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Educator Licensing Clarification on Early Childhood Family Education

According to Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 124D.13, subdivision 11, effective May 2008, a school board must employ licensed teachers for its Early Childhood Family Education programs. Below are lists of applicable licenses. Please note that some licenses (old rule) that are no longer available as initial licenses can be renewed by persons already holding those licenses.

To teach parents in an ECFE program one of the following licenses is required:

a. 180402 Family Education/Early Childhood (old rule – renewal only), or
b. 180401 Parent and Family Education

To teach young children in an ECFE program one of the following licenses is required:

a. Nursery School (old rule – renewal only)
b. Prekindergarten Teacher (old rule – renewal only)
c. Early Childhood Special Education (can teach in an ECFE program only if licensed before 9-2001)
d. Early Childhood Family Educator (old rule – renewal only)
e. Early Childhood Education
f. Elementary Education with a pre-primary specialty (for working with children three years old and older) (8710.3200)

When a school district is unable to obtain a fully licensed teacher to teach children and/or parents in Early Childhood Family Education programs, the school district may apply to the Minnesota Board of Teaching for a variance. Applications for all special permissions may be received and granted in accordance with the rules and statutes governing these permissions. Access forms and information on the Minnesota Department of Education Website: Educator Excellence: Licensing.

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