Principal Evaluation Example Model
The Minnesota model for principal evaluation was developed in response to legislation passed in the 2011 Special Session. Provisions in legislation require that all principals be evaluated annually and set criteria to be met for both the substance and the process of the evaluation.

View Measuring Principal Performance in Minnesota: A Report, Model and Recommendations.

Legislation also established a working group of stakeholders to develop a state model for principal evaluation. This model is not mandated, but serves as a resource to help local districts develop and maintain a model.

The working group was jointly convened by the commissioner of education and the executive directors of the Minnesota Elementary Principals’ Association (MESPA) and the Minnesota Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP), per statutory requirements.

The example model was piloted in the 2013-14 school year in seventeen Minnesota districts. Research on the pilot and the following preliminary reports were conducted by FHI 360. While these findings are preliminary, they are being published to inform districts as they design their models and will be shared with the working group for potential model revisions. At the close of the pilot, a summative report will be also published.

Fall Goal-Setting Conference

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Spring Conference

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