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Civil Service Package

Civil Service Package: Accountant/Auditor, American Foreigh Service Officer, Caseworker, Correction Officer, Court Officer, Firefighter, NCLEX-PN, NCLEX-RN, Parole Officer, Police, Police Promotion, Postal 473/473-C, Postal 710/711, PRAXIS I, Probation Officer, Real Estate, State Trooper, Treasury Enforcement Agent, and  U.S. Citizenship prep.


Information on job opportunities for government accountants and auditors is generally distributed in the form of official job announcements. When a position is open and a civil service examination is to be given for it, a job announcement is drawn up. This generally contains just about everything an applicant has to know about the job. The job announcement describes the kind of test given for the particular position, describing what areas are to be covered in the written test and lists the specific subjects on which questions will be asked. The practice tests presented here are based on the requirements as given on the actual tests. Includes two full-length practice tests.

American Foreign Service Officer

The American Foreign Service Officer Exam is a written test that measures a candidate’s aptitude for working as a foreign service officer (FSO) with the U.S. Department of State. It also measures the aptitude of candidates for positions as Foreign Commercial Service (FCS) officers with the Department of Commerce. Includes 2 full length practice tests for the Foreign Service exam.


Tests for entry-level caseworkers and eligibility specialists cover the areas of counseling, interviewing, written communications and the principles and methods of social casework.3 full length practice exams are included.

Corrections Officer

Correction Officers are responsible for the security, safety and well-being of criminal offenders in correctional camps and state correctional facilities. Some are required to carry firearms for the performance of certain duties, including inmate transportation. Qualified candidates must attend a training academy where they will take academic courses in emergency response procedures, communications, legal rights & responsibilities, security procedures and more. We offer 3 full length practice tests for the Corrections Officer exam.

Court Officer

A court officer provides security for federal, state and local courts. Other variations of a court officer include courtroom attendant, bailiff, courtroom deputy or marshal. The court officer entry level test consist of 100 multiple choice questions in the following categories: reading comprehension, application of facts and information to given situations, basic common law enforcement, basic math, problem solving and memory and visual recollection. We offer 3 full length practice tests for the Court Officer exam.


Provides the best test taking experience for scoring high on the Firefighter exam. This includes a sample New York City firefighter exam. 2 full length practice exams are included.


The NCLEX-PN exam is taken after candidates have completed a year-long nursing program and is administered by state and territorial boards of nursing. The exam measures the knowledge and skills required of practicing nurses who must pass the exam in order to be licensed. Includes 3 full-length practice tests for the NCLEX-PN.


The NCLEX-RN exam is taken after receiving a degree or diploma from an approved registered nursing program. It is administered by state and territorial boards of nursing and measures the knowledge and skills required of registered nurses. Candidates must pass the exam in order to receive their license. To qualify for the exam, candidates must apply for licensure in their state/territory, meet local eligibility requirements, and register for the test. Includes 3 full-length practice tests for the NCLEX-RN.

Parole Officer

Parole Officers play an essential role in helping rehabilitated criminals reenter society. Approximately 70 questions in length, the Parole Officer test measures skills ranging from reading comprehension to parole and narcotics law. 2 full length practice tests are included.


A high score is needed in order to gain entry into police academy training programs. While specific testing varies from state to state and city to city, most candidates must pass the written exam, physical agility test, an investigation, oral interview, medical and psychological evaluations and a polygraph test. The written exam focuses on reading comprehension, judgment and reasoning, memory, basic math, map reading, grammar, vocabulary and spelling, report writing and following directions. 3 full length practice exams are included.

Police Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain Promotion

The police promotion exam is for candidates interested in becoming sergeants, lieutenants and captains. Officers in these roles monitor the actions of officers during arrests, determine whether arrests should be made, coordinate staffing and make recommendations to superiors regarding deployment of personnel, providing guidance on investigative techniques and many other aspects of officer supervision. This exam covers state constitutional and general laws, federal, state and local rules and regulation, practices and techniques of police supervision, police administration and management, defining police goals, objectives, methods, procedures and other techniques pertaining to major municipal police functions. 3 full length practice exams are included.

Postal Worker 460/473

Completely revised for the latest edition, these exams prepare individuals for the 460/473 test battery, the required qualifying exam for prospective mail handlers, distribution clerks, and anyone considering a position as a clerk and carrier with the U.S. Postal Service.

Postal Worker 710/711

Completely revised for the latest edition, these exams prepare individuals for the 710/711 test battery, the required qualifying exam for prospective postal typists, stenographers, or data-conversion operators.

Praxis I

The Praxis I: Academic Skills Assessments measures basic proficiency in reading, mathematics, and writing by means of the Academic Skills Assessments or the Computer-Based Academic Skills Assessments (CBT). It may be used as an entrance exam for teacher training programs or as a preliminary licensing exam. Includes 3 full-length practice tests for the Praxis I.

Probation Officer

Parole and probation officers facilitate reentry of criminals into free society. To be a probation or parole officer a multiple choice exam covering the following topics must be taken: problem sensitivity, written comprehension, written expression, interviewing, reading comprehension, legal system, counseling, interpersonal skills; knowledge of self-defense and systems for backup assistance.

Real Estate

A real estate license is required in all 50 states to become a real estate agent or broker. Acquiring a real estate license generally requires coursework and training, and then completing the real estate license exam for the state in which you would like to work. Our questions are similar to the questions you will need to answer when you sit for your real estate exam, thereby, making you better prepared to pass your test the first time. Includes 1 full length practice test for each: ASI Broker, ASI Salesperson, AMP Salesperson, Appraisal, PSI Salesperson, and Diagnostic.

State Trooper

State troopers perform a variety of duties, depending on a state’s requirements, however the most common duties are: patrol and traffic enforcement, criminal interception, and community and public relations. To become a state trooper, candidates must be a U.S. citizen, possess a valid driver’s license, and be a high school graduate (some states require two years of post-high school education in law enforcement). Candidates must also pass a written, physical, medical exams and an extensive background investigation. Written exams cover reading comprehension, mathematics and incident reporting. Includes 3 full length practice tests.

Treasury Enforcement Officer

Federal law enforcement positions are filled through a number of different examinations, most of which have been developed by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). The Treasury Enforcement Agent (TEA) exam is one such examination. The Treasury Enforcement Agent exam is administered to candidates for the positions of Secret Service Special Agent, BATF Special Agent, IRS Special Agent with the Criminal Investigation Division, Deputy U.S. Marshall, and a number of other law enforcement positions. The TEA exam is divided into four parts: Verbal Reasoning, Arithmetic Reasoning, Problems for Investigation, and the Self-Description Inventory. Includes two full-length practice tests.

U.S. Citizenship

In addition to an interview, correct documentation, and other requirements, all applicants to become naturalized citizens must successfully complete an English-language competency test and a civics test. English writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills are tested during the naturalization interview. The civics test measures the test-taker’s knowledge of American history and government. Includes three practice sets.