Educator Excellence


To: Minnesota District Superintendents and Charter School Directors

Local Union Presidents

From: Minnesota Department of Education, Division of School Support

Greg Keith, Director, School Support

Deborah Luedtke, Supervisor, School Support

Tyler Livingston, Specialist, Educator Evaluation

Date: February 20, 2014

CC: Education Minnesota

Minnesota Association of School Administrators

Minnesota School Boards Association

Re: Needs Assessment Survey for Teacher Development and Evaluation

Local school districts and charters are working to create systems to develop and evaluate teachers that comply with relevant sections of Minnesota Statutes, sections 122A.40 to 122A.41. To that end, districts and charters are planning to meet training needs of evaluators, peer reviewers and teachers as well as to manage systems to support teacher development and evaluation activities.

The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), in partnership with state organizations copied above, is asking you to complete a needs assessment survey. We request that a district superintendent or designee, on behalf of the school board, complete this survey with the president of the exclusive representative of teachers or a designee, on behalf of teachers, so that a joint perspective is offered in the response data. While joint agreement is not required for charter schools, we encourage charter directors to complete this survey in collaboration with teacher leadership.

The information provided by districts and charter schools will be helpful to MDE as it examines how it best can support preparation for and implementation of teacher development and evaluation systems. While MDE will provide direct training only to those districts adopting the state example model, it will aim to support other districts with identifying training needs and helping to facilitate relationships with entities that can address these needs. MDE therefore hopes that this survey will (1) help it design and provide high-quality training and (2) assist districts and charters in planning strategically for the training necessary for implementation of their evaluation systems.

MDE will use this survey to accomplish the following:

• Determine progress in developing local models.

• For traditional school districts, determine progress towards joint agreement.

• Assess the number of districts that are planning to use the state example model or components of the model.

• Determine training processes needed by districts to implement models.

• Diagnose training demand for potential training providers.

• Predict local costs associated with teacher development and evaluation systems.

The survey will not ask you to identify yourself, and the results are not meant to be used for LEA oversight. Rather, MDE will use the results to plan appropriate training that is aligned with the state example model and will share survey results with providers so they can prepare to meet training demands. Survey results will be shared with the partners copied above, Minnesota Service Cooperatives, Minnesota Association of Secondary School Principals, and the Minnesota Elementary School Principals Association. The results will be used to identify types of assistance to be provided to constituents.

To complete the survey, please follow the link below. Access a PDF version of the survey, which you may use to discuss and plan your responses before entering them into the survey platform. We predict it will take about 60 minutes to discuss and enter responses.

Complete the online survey.


Please submit your response by March 7, 2014.

Thank you for your leadership and commitment to children.

Greg Keith, Director, School Support

Deborah Luedtke, Supervisor, School Support

Tyler Livingston, Specialist, Educator Evaluation